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Wire Transfers

A Wire transfer is an electronic method of transfering funds between financial institutions (banks, credit unions, etc...). Native American Bank processes Wire Transfers through the Federal Reserve Wire Network. NAB's routing number is 092901625.

Things To Know About Wire Transfers at NAB

  • At NAB Wires are processed daily on regular business days.

  • NAB's Wire Transfer cutoff time is 1:30PM MST. All Wire Transfer requests received after the cutoff time will be processed the following business day.

  • Wire Transfers are an immediate method of transfering funds during the operating hours of the Federal Reserve Wire Network, however due to the receiving institutions policies and practices of handling Wire Transfers NAB cannot guarantee that the funds will be made immediately available at the receiving institution. Typically the funds sent by Wire are made available at the receiving institution on the same business day however it could take as long as two business days.

  • NAB only processes Wire Transfers that have been funded using funds available from an account at NAB, cash, or verifiable and secure method of payment.

  • It is the responsibility of the Originator of the Wire Transfer to provide NAB with accurate and correct information pertaining to the receiving institution's Wire Transfer instructions as well as the Wire Transfer's beneficiary information (name, account number, etc...). To insure that the Wire Transfers are processed effectively please contact the receiving institution for their Wire Transfer instructions.

  • Routing transit numbers (RTN) or ABA numbers are 9 digit numbers used by the Federal Reserve's Network of financial institutions to identify and direct funds between participating financial institutions and a valid RTN or ABA number is required for NAB to process Wire Transfers. RTN or ABA numbers can be found at the bottom of checks is usually the first 9 digit number located between the symbols and (ie: 092901625). Due to restrictions that can be placed on RTN or ABA numbers and the ever changing environment, policies and practices of financial institutions not all RTN or ABA numbers can receive wires and NAB strongly recomends the the Originator of the Wire Transfer contacts the receiving institution for wiring instructions prior to submitting the request for Wire transfer to NAB.

  • The minimum informational items NAB will need to process Wire Transfers are: Originator Name, Originator Tax ID, Originator's state issued form of identification (ie: Driver's License), Originator's Account Number at NAB or funds, Beneficiary Name, Beneficiary Account Number at the Receiving Institution. Other information such as addresses and phone numbers are helpful in ensuring that the Wire Transfer is processed effectively.

  • There is a $18.00 fee to send a Wire Transfer from NAB.

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