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National Debit-Card Fraud Scam Alert

Native American Bank Proactively Sendin Impacted Customers New Debit Cards

A national credit-card processor, Heartland Payment Systems, recently experienced a significant breach of their security systems. The breach took place between August and October 2008 and it is believed that approximately 100 million card transactions across the nation may have been compromised. Heartland Payment Systems is not affiliated with Native American Bank. Heartland processes credit card transactions for thousands of merchants. If you used your card at a business that uses Heartland to process their debit-credit card transactions, your card information may have been compromised.

It appears that several Native American Bank customers' debit card transactions were included in the 100 million card transactions that were compromised. Native American Bank is proactively replacing all customer debit cards that were exposed to the Heartland Payment Systems data breach. Native American Bank is doing this as a customer service precaution. Most of the exposed cards to date have not experienced fraud.

Customer security is a priority and Native American Bank is taking steps to protect customers from the risks created by Heartland Payment Systems. Customers should closely monitor their account and double-check their monthly statements for errors. If customers have any questions, they should contact the Bank at (406) 338-7000 or (800) 307-9199.

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