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Native American Bancorporation Co. & Native American Bank, N.A. would like to thank you for your interest in our employment opportunities.

Native American Employment Preference

In accordance with, and subject to applicable law, including Title VII of the Federal Civil Rights Act, which recognizes that under certain circumstances, Native American employment preferences are necessary and appropriate to promote tribal self-determination, and the mission of Native American Bancorporation and Native American Bank, N.A. to further economic independence among Native American peoples and their communities, employment preference in employment opportunities will be afforded suitably qualified Native Americans. This employment preference policy shall be construed to mean that an individual Native American who satisfies the minimum employment qualifications will be afforded preference over all other individuals, and that in situations where two or more Native Americans are being considered for employment opportunities, the more qualified individual will be afforded preference. It must be noted that there is a distinction between qualification and preference. Thus, this policy's application is the determining factor when two or more individuals have suitable job qualifications - the individual having preference standing shall be afforded the employment opportunity.

Equal Employment Opportunity

Equal employment opportunities shall, except as permitted by the Native American Employment Preference Policy articulated herein, be extended to qualified individuals without regard to race, religion, national origin, sexual preference, gender or handicap in all personnel matters including recruitment, evaluation, selection/hire, promotion, transfer, retention, training, compensation and termination. The Native American Bancorporation and its subsidiary bank, Native American Bank, N.A., will treat any and all employees and job applicants on the basis of merit, qualifications and competence but does retain the right to exercise Native American preference in affording employment opportunities to Native American applicants.

Please submit a résumé with a cover letter to the Human Resources Office for all positions open at Native American Bank.

Native American Bank, N.A.
Human Resources Department
999 18th Street, Suite 2460
Denver, CO 80202

Phone: 720.963.5525 | Fax: 303.988.5533 | e-mail: employment@nabna.com

Postions Currently Available:

Positions in Denver, Colorado (Corporate Headquarters):
Financial Services Representative
Responsible for multiple branch operational functions as assigned for a full service branch bank, primarily sales, customer relations development and service, and informational accuracy in accordance with the Bank's mission, objectives, policies and procedures. Also responsible for one or more secondary branch functions which may involve lateral reporting. PRIMARY RESPONSIBILITIES: -Strongly knowledgeable and compliant of all company policies and related procedures and regulations. - Interacts and interviews customers to determine financial needs to recommend the most appropriate products. - Familiar with entire deposit product line, cash management services and loans, including benefits, services charges and restrictions. - Cross-sells products and services to customer base. - Obtains and assembles all required account documentation and boards new accounts. - Provides a high level of customer service, in person, by phone and email,, and assists with resolving issues, banking and financial education and transactional research. - Continually verifies and maintains customer CIP information to insure continuous accuracy. - Recognizes and reports customer and working environment issues observed. - Completes all required training successfully and in a timely manner. - Conducts interaction with customers and staff in a courteous and professional manner providing prompt, efficient, and accurate service. - Other duties as assigned. Secondary Responsibilities: --- Teller Operations - Receives and processes account and monetary transactions and maintains a cash drawer at a teller station, adhering to all line processes and procedures. - Authenticates override transactions for other teller staff. - Performs proof imaging as-needed. ----- Information Technology - Assists with acquisition, deployment and management of telecommunication systems and technical services to provide continuous operation and data security. - Provides training and technical assistance to staff. - Regularly monitors and reports to the CTO and Operations Manager the status of all systems and applications. --- Facilities/Vendor Management - Monitors the condition of the building, furniture and equipment and assists in the coordination of maintenance, replacement and repair. - Tests alarm systems on a regular basis. - Contacts supply and service vendors, provides justification and coordinates usage. QUALIFICATIONS: - Bachelor's degree or equivalent work experience in bank/branch operations or related field. - Possesses a thorough understanding of standard banking principals and branch operations, including deposits sales, customer service and transaction processing. - Experience with standard office software, such as Word and Excel, email services and navigating within Windows environment. - Strong communication and interpersonal skills. - Information Technology and Facilities/Vendor Management require additional education and/or experience.
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