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NACDC addresses critical needs in Indian communities related to sustainable economic development. NACDC works with communities that are investors in the Native American Bank to meet the mission of effectively addressing issues that inhibit the flow of financial capital to tribal and Native American projects and businesses. 

NACDC is actively engaged in each of the five Initiatives that guide NACDC’s work. All of the initiatives are aimed at sustainable economic sovereignty and financial education is at the core of each initiative.

At the heart of all of NACDC’s initiatives is a community planning model that includes facilitated scoping sessions, strategic planning and negotiated action plans form the groundwork for success in each of the Tribal communities.  The Plan of Action arises out of the Tribal community and plans have included developing and implementing small business incubators, sourcing financing for a quality supermarket and instituting Mini-Bank Programs in local schools.

:  Mini-Banks in local schools; getting entrepreneurs
ready to access capital; providing homeownership and credit counseling through a network of trained community professionals
:  Creating and seeding small business incubator start ups; getting entrepreneurs ready to access capital through business planning; accounting and banking courses  

:  Origination of HUD Guaranteed 184 Mortgages; one-on-one preparation for successful application for a mortgage; outreach to urban community organizations; working with NAB to source financing for community development on Tribal lands

: Co-Owner of Indian Land Capital Company, LLC  (ILCC) with Indian Land Tenure Foundation.  ILCC provides capital to Tribes for acquisition of lands lost through allotment and other governmental processes.

: Through a partnership with National Tribal Development Association, we reach out to farmers and ranchers to increase access to government subsidy programs and provide the education and mentoring needed to apply for loans.

While there are challenges, optimism about the future is alive and well in Native communities and NACDC has a vision that encompasses that optimism and a community-based strategy to assist in moving Indian Country forward to economic sovereignty.  A facilitated strategic planning process coupled with a comprehensive on-site assessment as a tool for building a community is at the core of our work.  The plan for moving forward also determines a potential NACDC role in supporting the outcomes of the plan.

NACDC has worked extensively with the Blackfeet and Shoshone Bannock Tribal Communities and has provided support and guidance to their economic development efforts.  The groundwork for similar activity has been laid at two additional tribes.

NACDC is developing a model small business incubator that will be tested at several Tribal communities.  NACDC is expanding the successful school “mini-bank”

program as part of the overall financial education efforts and the emerging home mortgage initiative aimed at assisting Indian people in qualifying for and purchasing a home will grow to meet demand. Finally, NACDC will partner with the Indian Land Tenure Foundation on an exciting community building initiative in the northern Great Plains that enhances its current community-based work. 

The time is right for the move toward economic sovereignty in Indian Country and working toward that goal is exciting and energizing.  All of our initiatives at NACDC are targeted to that goal and we are fortunate to be working in partnership with the Tribal communities that have invested in Native American Bank and in their own vibrant futures.

Tony Skrelunas, Chairman
Rob L. Gips, Vice-Chairman
J.D. Williams, Treasurer
Jay Marcus
David Hoffman
Elouise C. Cobell

Elouise C. Cobell, Executive Director


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Fannie Mae Foundation
William Randolph Hearst Foundation
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Indian Land Tenure Foundation
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Native American Bancorporation Co.
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Tzo’ Nah

The Community Development Affiliate of Native American Bancorporation Co.
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